Experience the Journey Part 2 : Sites are online!

Sharing the startup journey, the steps taken to design, create and share our applications in a practical sense – this is just as important as the product. The knowledge and experience we gain through this progression will be as valuable to some for the discovery of a ‘tried-and-true’ path from idea to production.

Part 2 : Sites are online!

Blog – Online Shop – Business Service

Blog https://bcmsons.net/
The blog design is online and there is an endless amount of blog posts, articles, and tutorials to be written and included. There is no shortage of ideas, in fact quite the opposite. I have written a list of all the items I want to include and will keep adding to that list, and currently I am still only in the first few parts of the initial articles and tutorials I wanted to include.

There are currently drafts and/or plans for the following:

  • Our development story – the continual updates as to how we are achieving our vision.
  • Software product descriptions and planned application development.
  • JavaScript Game Tutorial – creating a 2D Platformer using JavaScript and HTML.
  • Ongoing C++ Rendering Tutorials.
  • Marketing steps to increase readership and support.
  • Introductory Web application tutorial suite – including Django, Flask, and dotNet application examples.
  • Raspberry Pi projects.
  • @Home: Http Server, Email Server, Custom Cloud, Virtual Assistant, Smart Home etc
  • The changing face of applications, using a web interface for input, dashboards, integrations etc.


We currently have two designs online that are being printed on a number of products, and there are a few more ideas to be finalised and drafted into the product templates. This is very much a work in progress, but it is coming along quite well. For the two designs already made available, these have been used to get the initial design of the online shop web pages and draft the layout and shopping cart facilitations. The site itself is coming along well and looking quite nice, we just need to finalise a few additional designs for the products and source the potential for more product items.

Business Serviceshttps://bcmsons.com/

The site is up with a landing page, and a ‘Contact Us’ form, but otherwise not much else is progressing the design of this site. Currently, I am focusing on other parts of the business so they can be utilised later to showcase the capabilities of the business services available. I am building as much of the content for the other sites as I can to give these sites a good kick-start, and when they are ready to launch further forward into people’s awareness then I will link the business services available to online examples.

Pushing forward with 3 sites and building up each, and then with a satisfactory amount of content for each I will then start looking at social media options for rallying a readership and growing the subscriber list.

Establish, Grow, and Iterate.

Brent McEwan