About Us

My name is Brent McEwan, I live in Shellharbour NSW, I am a family man and proud parent of 4 boys. I have worked for over 20 years in Information Technology, Business and Information Systems Analysis, and Advertising Executive roles, and I am a qualified Software Developer and Business Manager with a vision to assist new and existing business owners to leverage their business presence online and grow their accessibility, brand awareness, and monetisation options.

Utilising technologies that capitalise on automation and integration potential, I aim to demonstrate multiple viable opportunities afforded by a strong online presence and modern technical capabilities that assist businesses to expand the avenues with which they engage their vendors, clients, and customers.

With proof-of-concept displays with personal business examples, I intend to encourage new and existing business to engage my services for procurement, setup, configuration, and maintenance, for ongoing support with their business information systems and online digital strategy.

B2B Services

Business owners have many tasks and responsibilities, and the additional workload for administration of online services can be difficult to navigate without the right experience and information. From online options available and appropriate for each business, regular site expansions, product and information updates, digital communications, marketing campaigns, and advertising, we can optimise the strategy for business owners’ intentions and target the appropriate areas to leverage the digital avenues for growth and profit.

Digital Strategy

The B2B services available will include options for growth of the online components of the business and have the capcity to offer appropriately staggered planning to create the optimal mix of information technology and business process enhancements to maximise the opportunities for automation, lead generation, sales, and reporting solutions.

E-Commerce: Ongoing Development, Configuration and Support

On-going contractual support, website admin, system process planning, and strategy. This is a personalised and customised effort for each B2B engagement as no two businesses are the same. Business owners have an already established path and process, this is to be a service opportunity that adds to the range and strength of existing value and not replacing the current operational framework.

Reporting and Analytics

With the right online platforms, the automatic generation and correct distribution procedures for sales reports can have them sent to a list of specified inboxes at regular scheduled intervals, easing the manual steps required to gather the data, helping owners to efficiently continue to manage their business with ease.

Site Integrations

There are so many site integration opportunities available, and knowing the right ones to choose or what is available can take a lot of time and effort. Our service will include and provide our focus and expertise in this area, taking over any guess work and replacing it with the experience we have gained with the available plugins and capabilities for your platform.

Site integrations include more than just the plugins available in the asset store on your hosting plan. There are also a great number of other websites available online, and any site is capable of integration and collaboration with the agreement of site and business owners. The technical skills required to create that compatibility will require experience with servers and site development and, where appropriate, back-end server development, front end design, or custom development work are the most optimal solutions for the intended result. We can connect existing solutions, or we can develop a custom solution. All options are available for consideration and selection at the discretion and direction of the owners of the involved business.

Marketing Campaigns and Strategy

Sometimes the business site needs a temporary update that ‘pops’ – something that stands out ready to attract the right attention and drive the awareness and the sales. It might be a featured campaign, or perhaps holiday greetings or other similar messages from the business to their customers via the business website. These customisations can be drafted, approved, designed, and tested before the campaign ‘go-live’ event dates, and when completed they can be removed and the site reverted or updated to a regular ‘Business-As-Usual’ layout at the end of the campaign or featured holiday.
We will provide the ongoing B2B service offerings to continuously deliver the required updates, adjustments, campaign work and regular site maintenance to keep the websites fresh and up to date.

Research and Development

In addition to the Business-to-Business(B2B) services available, our own business path will also see to the design and development of digital and physical products, and complimentary online content.

Our digital products will consist of business, engineering, and creative productivity software, games, and apps. We will further these digital designs for printable and 3D printed physical products, and our complimentary online content will provide technical articles guiding the creation of reproducible project products.

Digital Products

The products we develop will be purchasable from our online store, and readily available and distributable via appropriate app stores for each product. The development of digital products will consist of apps, games, and productivity software to assist business operations and the creation of digital and physical products.

Physical Products

Our logo, digital graphics, production of game characters, in-game, and marketing art, will be made purchasable with physical print and 3D printed products available for online purchase and shipped direct to customer.

Contact Us

For information on any of our services, or to express your interest in having us work with you and your business, please contact us using the form below and we will respond as soon as available.