Experience the Journey Part 3 : Project Portal

The Project Portal is online!
An interactive showcase of the working projects and designs.


I had a domain name spare for dreamshipcreations.com, one that I had previously registered for another project and was no longer in use. I decided to point that domain name to a new site, a Project Portal.
An interactive showcase of the projects in action, WIP, live testing, design and a general ‘central’ hub of offers.

Ideally I would like to build on the projects, make more online games and applications, and then with the development of these projects write more articles about how some of the features are designed and implemented for these projects. One day, and soon I hope, I would like to see that I am able to dedicate more time to this, even see it replace the ‘day job’.

The main obstacle delaying the reality of this dream is one that stops many of us, the need to ‘work-to-provide’ being correctly prioritised over chasing dreams like this. I have no shortage of ideas I want to develop, and this list of ideas that keeps growing has caused a need to create a platform for them, almost like an outlet for my unspent energies for technical creativity.

The game project that is currently being presented as a series of tutorials ‘Making a game in Javascript‘, is currently being hosted in the Project Portal, with a playable demo of the Work In Progress (WIP). Using this, I am able to test and refine the code that I am presenting in the tutorial articles. Additionally, when that project is complete, the playable version of the game can remain there available for people to play while other projects are in development and eventually added to the project site.

Hoping this will eventuate with an idea that projects seeing regular site visits can be ported to standalone software applications and made available in app and game digital online stores. It’s not an impossible dream, but we are quite some way from actualisation. It is good to have and maintain that clear vision, keep that quiet hope alight and solid consistent effort generating momentum toward the goal. At times it can be trying, and even feel that the ideal is too far away – but there is no reason to stop moving forward! The hope comes back, the efforts to keep moving keeps you moving, and without that there is no outlet for those ideas you want to create anyway, meaning that you end up just starting over again eventually. It’s much easier to keep building on what you have with something like this, it’s actually both easier AND more productive to keep moving forward, even if for a while the steps get smaller or the pace slows even a moment, because a moment is all it takes to turn that around and reinvigorate the surge of giant leaps of progress with each success a potential building block and inspiration driving another.

This journey is still just beginning, and even in the early days it is easy to question if the direction is correct and the choices wise. It is normal to wonder if it is worth it. Please, let me save you a lot of philosophical mind numbing internal battles with some advice I can offer from the hard-won mental and emotional endurance of an over-thinking mind: It is always worth it.

The value is given up if you give up. The value grows as the journey continues.

Brent McEwan