Experience the Journey Part 1 : The Premise

Sharing the startup journey, the steps taken to design, create and share our applications in a practical sense – this is just as important as the product. The knowledge and experience we gain through this progression will be as valuable to some for the discovery of a ‘tried-and-true’ path from idea to production.

Part 1 : The Premise

Products – Services – Platforms – Resources

Applications for a variety of requirements. From engineering tools, office administration and security, to educational and entertainment applications. Games, design tools, automation software – if there is value to be contributed, we will contribute.

Custom software and web applications for the purpose of business and design use.
Web site and e-commerce solutions designed for the specific requirements for your business.

1. E-Commerce sites: Online shop for applications, service subscriptions, merchandise, and branded products.
2. Custom Web applications.
3. Custom Software Solutions.

Developer, Business and Entrepreneur, Blog, Online Marketing and Strategy.

Tying it all together

1. Developer Blog demonstrates the product development, process, capabilities, and purpose.
2. E-Commerce platform providing the avenue for software and subscription distribution, also demonstrating the capability and value of the available services.
3. Platform for the procurement of our services crafting your custom application solutions.

Establish, Grow, and Iterate.

Brent McEwan