Areas of traversal : Our Vision and Navigational Plan

If time weren’t a factor and we could multitask better than a super computer – perhaps we could do more. To begin, we will maintain focus on the following area of interest:

Science and Engineering: 3D Simulations

Physics and AI

Art and Entertainment: 2D and 3D Art tools, Real time and Post Processing effects, Games and Multimedia

Security, Technology, Automation and Response: Network tools, connected applications and secure data-flow solutions.


Would you like to manage the efficiency of a machine? Test, simulate and adjust the design for the best outcome? Determine how time may play a factor in the lifecycle or production capacity of your invention?

The purpose of AnyInventableMachination is to import your engineering draft work into a physically simulated environment and test it, over and over. Record the data of usage over time, simulate years of usage in minutes. Want to change the main mechanisms? Adjust the inputs? Scientifically calculate the path to the desired output? Or just prove and demonstrate your concept in action? This is build-and-simulate with all the bells and whistles of your imagination, and all the practical application that reality can offer.

2D Lighting and Animation

Draw, edit or import animation frames, line them up – set the timing – press play and presto! See your animation in action and adjust any frame, or any timing of the frame trigger or display.

Would you like a certain frame to hold longer? Trigger quicker? Want to smooth the animation cycle to perfection? Animate the pieces of an object or parts of a character separately?

But why would you go to this effort if it may not be applied as per the design, right? It can be! The frames, placements, timings you set as the expert animator and artist will be exported with the sprite sheet, giving your programmers the tiled sprite-sheet image file, and an xml data file with frame position data for each individual sprite, and animation information such as animation sets, ordering, position adjustments and timings. All that is required now is the sprite sheet imported and your specified timings applied to maintain the perfected animation as designed exactly by the artist.

Oh, we also threw in 2D image normal generation – for all of those 2D image lighting effects, shading, shadows etc.

3D Scene Rendering and Effects

With all the 3D engineering and simulation and 2D lighting and effects, we would be pretty silly not to combine some of the awesome-ness and create a 3D Scene Renderer.

And what is a 3D scene render engine going to be like without effects? So, naturally, we added those in too.

Real time Network Operations Monitoring and Response

The design of this suite will be delivered in 3 stages.

Stage 1 – Real-time Monitoring and Notifications
Applications online, servers up and running, everything communicating correctly – want to be sure? Check your personal, customisable web dashboard. Server down? Not looking at the dash? What about “Have you got your mobile phone on you?” – Receive a text and Email notification if the server goes unresponsive. Get to the site dashboard, check the control centre and immediately have eyes on the cause. Manually apply a resolution with minimal downtime thanks to the real time monitoring and alert system ensuring your network resources are up and running.

Stage 2 – Response
Over time we may see a pattern of standard tasks or responses that are required – service restart, server reboot, password changes required, endpoint configurations etc.

Why not include the option in the notification email or text? Top suggested responses included and actionable by the embedded link in the notification message, triggering an automated response to restore any impact to the delivery of services. The trigger can include an individual response, or a sequence of response steps linked to a coordinated resolution.

Stage 3 – Plan for the future: Preventative and Counter Measures
Multiple occurrence events, repeated scenarios and returning data signatures? If we keep, sort, order and collate the information in a coherent manner we may be able to gain insight in to where issues arise and how to best prevent them.

Want to block a particular access method, identifier, or request? Done with the click of a button. Don’t have time to sort through and analyse the data? Lucky for you it was sorted and collated correctly during the detection and storage phase, and all that’s left for you to focus on is how to respond. The dashboard will make appropriate suggestions… unhappy with the available suggested responses? Customise!

Brent McEwan